Animal ID: Using Photography for Animal Identification

PJ Manning swimming in ocean with whale shark
PJ Manning

PJ Manning

Jan 12, 2020

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If you aren't already using it - you may be wondering - what is animal id?

We're not talking about the small chip you surgically place behind your favorite furry family members ear.

No - we're talking about animal identication using photography.

And yes - it's as simple as it sounds and more powerful than you may think.

Simply by using a photo - any person can plug that photo into a database of animals and the system will use an animal identifier to find out if there is a match.

Like police sitcoms? Think of it like have a database full of people that all you need it a fingerprint and poof - you've got your match ;)

manta ray swimming in shallow water

There are a few different types of animal recognition softwares out there today. One of the most popular for sea creatures is I3S (Interactive Individual Identification System).

Using contours, spots, and patterns the I3S animal id software is able to calculate the best percentage match of species within the database. If you're using Animali with I3S and no close match exists - you can then name your own animal.

Currently I3S works with species like whale sharks, manta rays, humpback whales, and turtles.

sea turtle swimming over coral reef

The animal id space is really exciting and with Animali we can't wait to see what additional animal identification software people build to plug into the platform.

If you want to check out what animal identifcation softwares currently exist on Animali - sign up for a free account.

*Note: you do not NEED animal id software for your program on Animali. You can choose a method of your liking or even do it manually.

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